Saturday, February 8, 2014

The thought and work culture of UPA has put India on the verge of disintegration, and to save nation we need to bid them goodbye.: Shri Narendra Modi in Chennai

From the Congress’ divisive politics that is indifferent to the needs of its people to the grave concerns of poverty and the dismal condition of fishermen in Tamil Nadu, Shri Narendra Modi addressed a range of national and local issues at his address in Chennai, on the evening of 8th February.
Making a scathing attack on the Central governance, Shri Modi spoke about how innumerable troubles had been experienced under their rule, and especially in the past decade. “The troubles we have seen in the last 10 years have not been seen ever before after Independence,” said Shri Modi.
Highlighting the institutional decay caused by the Central Government, Shri Modi spoke of how most institutions in India had been destroyed in the past decade. “Position of the Governor, Raj Bhawans have become Congress Bhawans. Elected governments pass laws but governors do not sign them. This is the institutional decline they are doing. See how IT departments are misused. Investors came to Gujarat but when UPA came to know, IT notices/raids were carried out. There are so many commissions, which must be for people’s interests, but even they have been misused for political gains. CBI has been misused. To win trust votes CBI is misused. They are used to make and break governments,” said Shri Modi. Expressing his concern at the gravity of issues, Shri Modi also stressed on how the lack institutional sanctity, sensitivity and integrity would keep our Nation in deep crisis, forever.

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