Monday, July 13, 2015

Text of PM's remarks at the Workshop of Agriculture Cooperation in Dushanbe

We have links of history, the proximity of geography, the unity of spirit and harmony of our hopes. Above all, we have extraordinary goodwill between our people. 

This is a very special event. It is one of the most important that I have attended in my journey through five Central Asian nations in the course of the past week. 

I have travelled to many countries around the world. Wherever I have been, there is usually an event of this nature for trade, manufacturing or finance. 

This is the first time we have a joint event on agriculture, especially on a scale as large as this. 

Mr. President, thank you for the interest you have shown in this workshop. It is a mark of your vision for Tajikistan's development. 

As in the world of business, international partnerships can also be catalysts for the development of agriculture. India's own Green Revolution is a visible and successful proof of that. 

It should be natural for India and Tajikistan to collaborate in agriculture, live stocks and dairy. 

We share many similar natural features. We are defined by mountains, rivers, sharp turns in seasons and fertility of soil. 

We are nations where a majority of the population live off the land. 

We both have shortage of cultivable land relative to our needs, especially when I compare ourselves to some of the countries I have visited. 

I know that with less than ten per cent of area as land fit for cultivation, Tajikistan faces this constraint more than we do. 

We both have pockets of abundance of freshwater, but we have both faced the challenge of managing our irrigation.

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