Tuesday, September 11, 2007

B.J.P. govt. of Gujarat & MODI..

Respected Sir,
Recently B.J.P. govt. of Gujarat state has given a budget of 2006-2007 Gujarat states that is public related, farmer related & development related budget.

ü Panchamrut:

In those projects BJP has tried for development of the entire field, so they have included,


ü Farmers related policy:
BJP government has executed so many policies for prosperity of farmers. From last 50 years only 4000 check dam was constructed. In BJP govt. 51,000 check dam is constructed in last three years. The khet-talavadi project is constructed for getting up the level of water in the earth. At the end of this month 1,00,000 khet-talavadi will be constructed.

ü Kalpsar Project:
For fulfill the future need of water & electricity. The dam is constructing on the sea near Bhavnagar. Due to this the river water will save in river itself. It will not go into the sea.

ü Sujlam Suflam project:
This project is especially for development of dry land & dry area in side land. Due to this project farmers of dry land will get water for farming & increase their income also it helps to be a strong economy of villages.

ü Drinking Water:
Under this project, BJP government has decided to give pure water to total 855 the cities & villages of Gujarat state. The total investment behind this project is nearly 144 crores. The pile line project is running in to 2700-kilometer area under Sardar Sarovar canal water project. The 1600-kilometer work is completed. The work of 324 crores is completed.

Thank You,
Mayur Dave. Ahmedabad,
Gujarat, India.

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